Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You bought WHAT ?

I mentioned in my blog (see Wonderings from Walnut Prairie) that Aman and I had been truck shopping last week.  We looked at everything from Rangers to Hummers but nothing really jumped out and said to me  "I can do things for the farm that are not being done".  Until Saturday.  Saturday I went to Shannon's auction.    I was kind of interested in his truck.
2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD w/ SLT pkg, Black 4-dr, 4WD, Duramax/Allison, tires 95%, short bed, leather int., 5th  wheel hitch, alum wheels,  90,xxx miles, Bose stereo, capt. chairs, console, rear bench seat, all power ... a really nice truck.  I just checked, retail Blue Book on it is $32,000.

I'd said all along the only way I'd buy a black truck was if it was a REALLY good deal.   I bid it to $19,000  It went for just a little more than that.  A REALLY good deal.  Just one I wasn't comfortable with.

There was also some consignment equipment.  2002 Ford F-550, Corn Pro gooseneck trailer, Cat D-4 dozer.  I'd looked at them ... not too seriously but they were setting there and I looked them over.  And the more I looked at the truck and trailer the more I thought "This could do some things for us we can't do right now."  I got an idea in my head of my top dollar amount ... and got both of them.

The fact is is red didn't hurt.
You know how you always see scantily clad models in car magazine photos.  Well ... we didn't have models or the weather to be scantily clad.  But we do have Mom standing on the bed.

Aman had truck trouble this morning, so we ran his truck up on the trailer then dollied it off and he used the truck to deliver seed corn
The long term strategy now is when the Dodge turns all 4 wheels in the air and dies to replace it with a gas mileage truck.  I'm in the process of cleaning out old Blue so we can sell it, as well as a couple flat bed trailers we probably won't need now.

Oh, I think Aman is really glad we have the forklift, too  Here is one of the varieties he was delivering
Yes, 68 pounds per bag.
Hope I didn't order any of that

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