Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Look what followed us home ...

Aman and I took a drive Tuesday. A pretty good used sprayer followed us home. It's not everything we might want, but it is paid for.  It has hydraulic booms, a radar controller
A rinse tank
and some other interesting features.
If we get busy and need something sprayed we can afford to call our local custom applicator and tell them to have at it.
It's a 60 ft boom Hardi.  It's kind of interesting, It started life as a pickup sprayer. So it is pretty much self-contained including a Honda engine to run it.
  The guys who had it put it on a frame and made a pull type out of it.  You really have to look to tell it isn't factory.  One other thing we liked is the wheels follow the tractor tracks.
When I called and talked to Steve (the guy selling it) about it I asked where he was.  Turns out they weren't very far from Hamm's Grove Church.  In fact, one of the brother's in-laws farmed Grandpa Robert's farm a long time ago. When we came home we drove out the drive, turned right and stayed on the blacktop all the way to Belle Rive.

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