Sunday, March 20, 2011

The first sale is over

Shannon's land auction was Saturday.  I bought a couple smaller fields but the others brought more than I could wrap my feeble mind around. At some point the prices just become numbers.

I was able to purchase the ground between Route 1 and the blacktop.
Most I ever gave for ground.

Here is how it went:

The total at the end of the sale was $1,079,650, but there was a 6% buyer's premium to add in to get the purchaser's actual cost:

Tract     description     price     buyer

1 House     $37,220     (deer hunter)

2 Around house          $174,900 Macke Farms
  $4976 per tillable acre

3,4 between highway and blacktop combined $47700
   $3,207 per tillable acre

5 west of highway south of pond $503,589  Andy Huffington
   $5,542 per tillable acre (typo corrected)

6, 7, 8, 9 Pond and north combined     $379,109   Mike Huffington
   $4467 per tillable acre

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