Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 S&WCD Air Tour

August 30 was the 2009 Clark County Soil & Water Conservation District Air Tour. This isn't near all the photos I took, but it is a good representation. This one is kind of intersting in all it shows. The full size file is much clearer. The patches in the front are from the East 80 where the corn drowned out and we replanted beans. Behind that is the Bradbury and Whitlock Places, and if youlook closely you can even see Neal's and Mom's far in the distance.

This shows the Prust homestead and the Sycamore field. The gravel ridge really shows up.
This is Mom's from the Northwest also showing Murphy's 80. If you recall our challenges planting this, we planted Mom's 40, then came back a week or two later and planted 20 acres on Murphy east of it and 16 acres on Neal's south of it. I suspect the bright yellow streak is a fertilizer misapplication due to the disconnected way we had to put the crop in. And the brown spot is obviously the sand knob. No big surprise there.
This is South of Walnut Prairie. Looking up toward the top you can see Littlejohn's elevator. I had the drowned out/unplanted areas sprayed last week. Appears the chemical is working.
This is looking across the Rook Farm at Neal's and Mom's

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello everybody

Hello and welcome. This is an experiment. I've registered the URL's and But since I don't have a web site set up I've started a BumpusFarms blog and linked the URL's to here.

More some other time.