Friday, June 29, 2012

What a difference a month makes ...

A month ago I posted photos of us placing a big red I-beam in the field as an irrigator stop.  We were discussing it on an online forum and a guy with a lot of systems and experience said "if the arm misses or something else goes wrong and the machine does not reverse, I'd be afraid that the end tower would walk up that beam and roll over.  It's way easier to fix a malfunctioning pivot that is stuck under a crossbar or high centered on something but still right side up as opposed to one that is on the ground."


We talked with the neighbors who own the system.  They had mentioned it to their irrigator guy who made a very similar comment. So we bought a genuine factory stop and installed it in front of the I beam.

Kind of like wearing  belt AND suspenders.  How did we get there you ask?  We drove across the field.  Didn't hurt hurt much corn.  We started at the south end of Mom's hill and went across the sand ridge.  We maybe knocked down 20 feet of corn

Can you see where the water gets to?  I am really concerned about things if we go another week without a good soaking rain.
EDIT: I'll add a few more photos.  Started to take several when the battery died on the camera.  These are just pictures from the neighborhood to give an idea what things are like.
Gurney Lindley Place
 Blue Heaven
 Blue Heaven zoomed out
Liffick Corner dry corner
Liffick Corner irrigated

There is about 30 ft difference between the dry and irrigated photos.

Here is a shot taken in a neighbor's field.  The only difference is where the irrigator hit or didn't hit.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I help you Papaw

I could talk about the weather ... or not.  How about some pictures of my helpers?  We planted a few trees in the yard this Spring to kind of make up for the dozen or so we have cut since moving here.  The only problem is they need watered very regularly.  We took some old buckets and poked a hole in the bottom.  Set them beside the trees and put a brick or block of some kind in them for weight.  I put an old aluminum tank on the Mule, attached a garden hose, and we have a tree waterer. Yesterday the boys helped me.

Is it full yet?

It's close
OK, I'll drive.  Tell me when it's full
David, You turn this handle to get water out of it
Where did David go?  Papaw, you gotta fill the bucket almost full
Grandma planted a lot of trees Papaw!
Papaw, is this a job?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Done with Wheat ... on June 8 ?

Yes, wheat harvest 2012 is in the history books and it is only June 8.  We're 10 days before our normal start time!  Sure messes me up.  I have all these things that whe I get asked about I've been saying "I can't commit to anything until wheat is done." 

On to double crop planting.  The next question is "Do I double drop non-irrigated ground?  We have planted a little.  Sometimes you find the strangest things.  For instance a piece of styrofoam.
 Or a basketball
 The basketball didn't take being ran over very well.

Gotta get going.  Later Y'all