Wednesday, April 23, 2014 is here!

WE'RE EXCITED! OK, we're farm geeks, which means we get excited over odd things.  Mike got this email today:

Dear Michael Bumpus,

GoDaddy has successfully secured your domain. BUMPUS.FARM
is now yours, congratulations!  Thanks for registering with us.

No, we're not sure what we will do with it.  For now and www.Bumpus.Farm will forward to the same blogspot page. goes to a page we haven't developed yet.

This all developed when we discovered was already registered to someone in Ohio.  Mike decided to jump in and get control of the .us and .info addresses while they were still available.  When GoDaddy announced the .farm address was becoming available we jumped on it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

First post this year ? !

Really? I haven't updated the farm page since December? I guess we have been putting more stuff on the Farm's Facebook page and kind of ignoring this one. Snow, posted roads, crashed trucks, new equipment, just all kinds of things to update.  For now I'm going to put up a few random photos taken since the first of the year kind of showing how the winter went
 We moved the office!
 It is now upstairs and has much more space
 and interesting art work on the walls
 It snowed.  And snowed
 Eventually we were able to haul grain
 Although there were special challenges this year
 Did I mention it snowed?
 Truck tires needed repaired
 And tractors needed repaired
 And trucks needed repaired ...
 although one got replaced
And now we are waiting for it to dry enough to plant.