Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all !

December has just flown by.  It can't be Christmas already! So what have we done since I last wrote on here?

I mentioned back in September making some hard decisions and that I sold the F-550 flatbed.
Since then I sold the gooseneck trailer we used with it.
Then I bought a Fruehauf lowboy to pull with the semi
We made fenders for the semi tractors, then I too the low boy to a few miles north of Danville, Indiana and picked up a tractor we bought.  I found a 966 with a 2 point hitch, about as clean and perfect a used tractor as you can find.
 It came with a Bush Hog loader on it.  Aman put that on his 1086
I have the old Allis for sale
Along with the 3010
They are both great tractors with some history and sentiment involved, but the 966 will do everything they can and a little more.  And we can reduce our filter inventory quite a bit. We now have the bean planter in the shop, going through it. 
And other projects are on the white board.  I'm back playing with propane again.  Wabash Valley was needing someone part time and I don't have any corn to haul this winter.  I'm there 3 days a week unless they don't need me or I need to be someplace else for the farm. So that is a quick summary of our month