Saturday, June 23, 2012

I help you Papaw

I could talk about the weather ... or not.  How about some pictures of my helpers?  We planted a few trees in the yard this Spring to kind of make up for the dozen or so we have cut since moving here.  The only problem is they need watered very regularly.  We took some old buckets and poked a hole in the bottom.  Set them beside the trees and put a brick or block of some kind in them for weight.  I put an old aluminum tank on the Mule, attached a garden hose, and we have a tree waterer. Yesterday the boys helped me.

Is it full yet?

It's close
OK, I'll drive.  Tell me when it's full
David, You turn this handle to get water out of it
Where did David go?  Papaw, you gotta fill the bucket almost full
Grandma planted a lot of trees Papaw!
Papaw, is this a job?

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