Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sometimes it's what you don't see

Look closely.  What  don't  you see ?

 Oh! Now I don't see it !
 We've talked about it for a couple years.  Wednesday we took a deep breath and removed a landmark.  The old grain bin we called the oil shed.  I don't recall it ever being use as a grain bin.  Storage for feed, seed, chemicals, motor oil, but never grain.
And a show of hands:
How many of us have bumped our head walking in or out of the door on that bin?
 We talked about trying to move it someplace else, but in the process of emptying it I found something I had never seen in that bin before ... mice.
Mice had finally found a way in.   Aman may take some of fill under it home for the boys sand box.  I think Gramps would approve of that.  It is the smallest size pea gravel I have ever seen. 

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