Thursday, March 31, 2011

Learning how not to do something

I've heard it said learning how not to do something is as much success as doing it correctly.

Well, in that case I'd say Thursday was a success.

I started out taking care of some Fire Dept stuff. Took care of some paperwork, ordered some batteries, etc.  Did a little research on DeeZee nerf bars.  I moved the Mayrath auger to Gramp's, we'll be needing space in the yard at Husi's.  Put the radio mount together for the 550.  The concept is pretty good, the finish is kind of lacking
I didn't have to drill any holes and it's off the floor.  Mounted the antenna on the fender instead of drilling a hole in the roof
At least I finished something.

The pump on the hoist wasn't working. Ralph looked at it and said the relay needed replaced.  So I replaced it
The relay works now.  Motor still doesn't.

I decided to try and mount the nerf bars Aman brought down.   From my looking online it appears they are for a Chevy.  F550 brackets are a lot different.  I looked and measured, made a template, cut a plate, didn't like it and made another.  Cutting, drilling, bolts, tools, wrenches, Adam would have loved it. I got the front mount on one tube, then ut some weight on it to try it out.  It flexed too much. So I took everything off, put it back in a pile and did something else.
Maybe Friday will be more productive.

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