Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes its good to be an ***-hole

I have an online reputation concerning one issue.  Using PVC pipe for air lines is quick, easy, inexpensive, and very, very dangerous.  The problem is when (not if, but when) it bursts it doesn't just split open  like steel or copper.  When PVC fails it shatters into very sharp shards, kind of like shrapnel. If you happen to be in range when it fails the results can be at least devastating if not deadly.

This is an ongoing topic on AgTalk.  About every 6 month it somehow comes up. We had a heated discussion last June about this (see in which I ... I can't say I was wrong but I will admit to not conducting myself diplomatically.  Sunday someone posted a new response to that thread saying

"Just visited a shop where their pvc air line exploded. There is a good chance it will fail and it will do it when you least expect it just hope know one gets hurt."

So I decided it was time to reopen the subject

I was more polite this time.  The interesting thing is the different responses between then and now.  Back in June I had people wanting to argue with me.  This time I had several responses similar to this:

"Thanks Mike SE IL I will be taking the PVC pipe I use for air lines out of my shop you my have saved someones life Thanks again"

Kind of makes being an ***-hole worth it

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