Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a difference a week makes ?

Just a quick post while I am trouble shooting Mom's internet connection.  Progress this week ...  Well, we got the milo planted.  Disked about 60 acres.  Mowed some roads.   Saturday it dried out enough we were able to plant 50 acres of Liberty Link soybeans.

Now I need a big sign that says "NO GLYPHOSATE - LIBERTY LINK BEANS".  

Maybe 2 signs.

Monday we have 62 acres we can plant to beans, another 30 that may be ready.  Our corn ground ... it's going to have to dried amazingly Sunday afternoon to even be a little too wet.  Someone asked me why I had a 12 row planter instead of a 16 or 24.  I can plant faster than the ground dries the way it is.

oh, Mom's internet.  It quit last Friday.  By the time I found out it was too late to get anyone here.  When I called Monday I think they lost the service order.  Anyway, Wednesday the service guy made it out and replaced and repaired it.  Put a new box on the antenna, declared the router broke, reprogrammed the interface ...

And DID he fix it.  It makes my Wild Blue look sick and I currently have the "Pro Package".  I may have to cut a few trees to get me line of sight to the Merom smokestack.

edit: spoke too soon.  It's been flaky all weekend.  Off - On  - Off - On.  Mom was convinced it was my new router.  Didn't make any difference, still flaky.

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