Friday, May 14, 2010

Done with corn the first time ?

Corn's planted

Milo's planted.

Bean planting is underway.

So why don't I have a feeling of relief and accomplishment?

Well, first thing is I don't get a feeling of relief until we get a stand.  And I know I'm not done planting corn.

We've got 15 acres we plan on planting to corn every year, knowing half the time it won't happen.  Other than that we are done planting corn the first time.  I clarify that because we know we are going to replant 80 acres.  If the 100 acres we planted just before the rain this week doesn't come up we'll replant more.

Normally you have this feeling of accomplishment and relief when you get done with corn.  Right now it is just ... I'm not sure what word to use.  It doesn't feel finished and until we get a stand there's not much feeling of relief.

We planted about 100 acres of corn Monday and about 150 acres of beans.  And so far we haven't planted the first Roundup Ready soybean.

Tuesday was supposed to be a rainy, dreary day so Aman and I planned on doing some running around we needed to do.  It was a beautiful day.  That's kind of how the week has gone so far.  But we've missed the heavy rains.  We've had about an inch and a quarter this week.  Not far away they had 2" dumped on them quickly.  The storms tonight went north of us.  We'll see what the ones do to our southwest.  May be wet by morning. If not we might get some more beans planted Saturday.

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