Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh did it rain! ... in places

Tuesday evening I left the house for a fire meeting about 6:45.  it was just barely sprinkling.  It was obviously doing more in town. By the time I drove 1/2 mile it was raining.  When i got the other 1/2 mile to town it looked like this
I went on east of town a mile to the shed.  It looked like this

The gauge only had .55" in it!  Must have fell in  5 minutes or something as much water as was standing around.  I haven't talked to anyone with a gauge in town but judging by the west end of the field and the water running down the streets in town it  must have rained 1 to 2". 
THIS is the "dry corner" at the west end of the field the shed is in. That was looking north after the rain.  Here is looking south about the same spot while it was raining.
Danny Hone said he hadn't seen water fall like that since he moved here.  Earl's parking lot looked like this
After the meeting I checked the "official" rain gauges.  1E WU (the shed) had.55"  2NE WU (Mom's) had .02"  Yes, you read correctly, 2/100ths. 1W WU (my house) had .02" as well.

Illinois weather, don't ya love it!!

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