Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 cows on one rock ...

There's an old farmer saying about raining like a cow .... well, you know what I mean.  Friday north of us it rained like 3 cows on one rock.  But that was there, not here, right?

Well, north is upstream from here:

I know, "Sonny, Ya knew that river was there when you planted it."  That's part of the reason I don't farm any "low bottom" any more.  I really enjoyed working the river bottom ground, challenges and all.   But speaking as one who went through high school on ulcer meds, I didn't need it.  In fact, I've pulled back to the point it takes an 18 ft river to even bother me.

Yeah, I said 18.  I know, the forecast says 18.5.  It's only 6 inches, right? 6 inches of water over corn for a couple days .... hot days with a lot of sunshine ... may as well be 6 ft.

edit:  Thought I'd jump back in here. NOAA has revised the crest forecast downwards! current forecast is 16.8  HALLELUJAH!

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  1. I couldn't believe after reports of over 3" in town, I only had .2" in my gauge!

    I don't have to worry much about the river where I live. Hope it stays under 18' for you!

    Sarah Tharp