Saturday, October 24, 2015

Need to get back in practice

I've been notably absent from the farm page the last year or so.  We've been fairly active on Facebook  ( and kind of ignored  I'll get better.

I may have to take lessons on how to do this again!

This has been a very unique year.  I know, all of them are  But we went from pretty good to way too wet

to way too dry.

We are not done with harvest ... maybe.  We have about 40 acres of beans planted July 26 after the river went down.  They have been frosted and at this point are not harvestable.  But we are holding off on the disk until we are sure there is no chance.

Other than that we are just about caught up!  Buck has been following Aman around with a disk or ripper and we have all our fall tillage done that can be done.

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