Friday, August 29, 2014

A "slow" August ...

Yeah, I know.  I should post more often than once a month  I thought this was supposed to be a slow season on the farm! Let's see, what has happened since last time?  Oh, the bins we were pouring concrete for?  They're up
Yes, It's a poor photo.
The irrigators we were running pipe and wire to?  They are going.

And you can get a Hummer stuck when the wheels get mud packed and it slides off in the trench we had made.
 On a personal note we have been to reunions
and weddings
and funerals
and more reunions
Met up with an old school friend we had not seen in 40 years
Took us a while to track Larry down.
He's not on Facebook but his sister is!

We've done home remodeling
with help of course.
We've gone on fire runs
and field days

We've worked on irrigators
 No, that rod is NOT supposd to stick out the bottom of the oil level gauge.
Where did all THAT come from?
The library asked if we could come up with a display or two.
Here is one of harvesting equipment
 The 560 with mounted picker was Dad's favorite
And we still have a few projects to get finished before fall
We've pretty much kept busy down on the farm.

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