Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm beginning to understand what Scot said

When I was driving the gas truck one of my customers said "I get up.  I work on irrigators, I go to sleep."  I noticed later he never mentioned going to bed.  At times I have felt the same way this year.  Adding 5 new irrigators really hasn't been that much of a problem.  Other than the normal start up problems getting all the kinks and wrinkles smoothed over they have been trouble free.

But then there are the older ones.

We replaced the engine on the Drake Place south pump this winter. I mentioned back in September it had some issues ( The engine had a lot of hours, the Rockford PTO had a few problems.  Last year we replaced the turbo output because the cast iron rotted away and broke.
 3 little springs that fell out of the clutch.  I guess they weren't too important. and the teeth on the clutch plate are almost gone.  So we replaced it with a new propane engine
I love how quiet it runs.  I've done things I never did before, like replace a gearbox on a tower  A right now I have a safety wire broken on a towable
We're trying to find a wireless solution.  The Drake Place north pump lost the PTO (think heavy duty clutch)  Everyone I talked to said it was fixable. Or for $200 more I could have a new one.  8:00 the next morning I was in Evansville picking up a new Twin Disk PTO
We've done a few other things. Like take out trees
 and more trees. Dee can make a big mess pretty quickly
We cut down 2 trees at Mom's and 9 trees at Neal's.  Most of the big wood was taken by neighbors for firewood.  But someone still had to pick up limbs and sticks.  I called for reinforcements
 And then for more fun w picked up limbs and brush in the cemetery
We've also put in water lines
and poured concrete and moved grain bins
And we did something else I've never done, put fungicide on commercial corn

I'm about ready for a break.

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