Friday, September 7, 2018

It's been a long time, but we're back! Not that we've gone anyplace, we just haven't been paying too much attention to the farm site.  It's been so long I kind of forget how to do things on here.  But it will come back to me.

Harvest 2018 has started.  We shelled about 30 acres of corn Wednesday. It was a reminder of how things have changed. We did a truckload before lunch, stopped, went to town and ate, came back, filled the dryer bin, and were done about 5:00.  When Dad put that bin up it took 2-3 long days to filling it.

Today started working on the Stirator in that bin.  Not an unusual thing.  What was unusual was I did something to it I'd never done before.  The machine pivots at the center and a collector ring provides power to the motors The cover in the middle came loose and let it run full of corn. I cleaned it out and discovered a burn spot in one of the straps.  So I took it out and turned it over and reinstalled it.  I've worked on these for about 45 years and never did that.

Finished the day up loading beans out of another bin.  It's been a long struggle.  Between equipment problems, breakdowns, illness, lack of trucks, on and on I've never taken this long to clean out a bin or had old crop in the bin this late in the season.  We finally borrowed Littlejohn's vac and hopefully (weather cooperating) will have it cleaned out tomorrow.  Don't count on it.

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  1. Thanks for updating us! I grew up on the farm in SW Minnesota and now do my farming through others.