Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So what did you do today ?

Sometimes you don't want to ask that question.  I might tell you.  If I say Stirator
that is enough explanation for a lot of people.  But maybe you haven't been blessed with working in one so here is the procedure:

Oh, normally this is done in a bin with corn drying, about 110 degrees F and 140% humidity.  Don't tell me that isn't possible until you've been in one.

1. Climb up grain bin, open man hole, put in hanging ladder, turn off Stirator.

2. Climb down ladder, remove ladder, carry across bin to Stirator and hang from track.

3 Climb ladder, adjust part.

4. Climb down ladder, remove ladder, carry across bin and hang from man hole.

5. Climb ladder, turn on Stirator, observe did not fix problem, turn off Stirator, climb down ladder and repeat step 2, 3, 4, 5, and 2 again.

6. Remove part, decide to borrow one from another Stirator, repeat step 4 then climb out of and down bin.

7. Get Gramp's old long wooden ladder from shed, carry to next bin, open, put up in wall, climb, tie to Stirator rail so ladder doesn't slide to the floor with you on it, examine Stirator (OK, could be several steps)

8. Realize this one has been upgraded and does not even have THAT part on it.

9. Reverse step 7.

10. Go to other bin, repeat step 1.

11. Repeat step 8 (Realize this one has been upgraded and does not even have THAT part on it either ) and reverse step 1.

12. Go to Mom's. get 25 ft ladder from shed and repeat step 7 with it

13. Remove part, climb down, take to original location, repeat 1, 2, 3 (except replace instead of adjust), 4, and .... most of 5.  It was a later model and was slightly, ever so slightly different.  So you remove the replacement part, reverse step 1,.

Here is the one I borrowed and the one needing repaired:

14. Go eat lunch.

15. Repair and modify old part, reinstall, test, pray and leave. (Yes, that did involve 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 again.  I'm tired just writing them.)

It isn't hard work.  It isn't difficult work.  But it does try on you just a little.

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