Saturday, October 20, 2012

Did something this morning I haven't done since May 30

I have been a regular on the AgTalk+ blog pages. In fact, I lead the list in number of entries there. My May 30 entry was my number 99.

I paused to ponder on something special for #100 and the spam postings, advertising posts, and non-blog entries ( things that are good questions someplace like Machinery Talk) just kind of blew up.  I decided to hold off on # 100 until I was happy with the blog site again.

I'm not sure I am happy, but it's time to reclaim the AgTalk+ Blog pages.  Funacres (John Jones from Lubbock, Texas) made a post he says will develop into a series of several blog entries over the next few weeks.  I'm going to commit myself to something similar. So I wrote number 100 this morning.  I encourage others to join in.  Write, comment, just set back and read.

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