Friday, September 28, 2012

Hard decisions

One of the things this year has forced me to do is look closer at some of my decisions. Did I do that correctly?  Was this the thing to do?  How can I do better?

I made a difficult decision this week and acted on it.  A friend commented one time if I ever decided to sell the Ford F-550 he was interested in buying it.  I called him earlier this week and asked "Just how interested are you?"

Thursday I delivered his new used Ford F-550

This was not an act of desperation, more one of strategy.  It isn't that we didn't use it.  It was handy for a lot of things. It pulled, hauled, carried, even just sat around and let us walk on it.
It's just that looking at my current condition after this year, I could generate some cash and reduce expenses at the same time by selling it.  I may replace it if I can find the right semi trailer at the right price.  Something along the line of this would do everything we need and more
And probably cost quite a bit less to own.  Like I said, this was not an act of desperation, more one of strategy.  And I may have to make a few more.  Looking around, there may be a lot of guys doing this over the winter.

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