Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Over half done with corn

Actually I think closer to 2/3 done.  We put 9000 bushels on one semi today.  OK, we put the corn off 46 acres on one semi today ... should have been 9000 bushels or so.

Like everyone else we are running scared of aflatoxin. What is it?  Here's an excerpt from a University of Missouri article:

Aflatoxin is a term generally used to refer to a group of extremely toxic chemicals produced by two molds. The toxins can be produced when these molds attack and grow on certain plants and plant products.. Most of the aflatoxin problems on corn in the United States are caused by Aspergillus flavus, and the most potent toxin produced by this mold is called aflatoxin B1 . Drought, extreme heat and corn ear injury from insect feeding stress the corn and create an environment favorable to these molds and to aflatoxin production

Aflatoxin poses a low level threat to the human food supply in the United States because existing regulations and testing by federal agencies and industry exclude contaminated products from the food chain. Generally, these programs have been successful in protecting U.S. consumers from aflatoxin contaminated food.

We have been fortunate so far.  We had one load rejected at one elevator, yet it passed with flying colors at another.  That attached ticket show .07 parts per billion of aflatoxin.

We do not plan to put any corn in our bins this fall.  That may change as the local elevators are filling up rapidly with wet corn.  This year anything over 13% needs dried.

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