Friday, November 11, 2011

Another one of those work all week and "What did you really do?" weeks

I mean, Yes, we did accomplish something this week.  But I have to think about it to realize it.  We caught up with fall field work ... sort of.  Aman may have some more fall plowing on some ground he rented for next year if everything works out.
We have 80 acres we have run the Soil Savers across we hoped to Tilloll, but the rains mid week pretty much stopped that.  Aman got the new roof built for the pump house we raised this fall.  Dad said repeatedly "I don't know why I made it like that".  Instead of building an above ground structure he put the pump for the shop in an inground concrete box with a removable top.  That was fine at Gramp's, but the river gets too high at Mom's for that to be a good idea.  The top got to the point of needing replaced, so we raised the pump to ground level and built a 4 concrete block high wall around it. Then Aman built the new top.
(imagine this is a photo)
Aman signed the contracts renting the "County Ground" this week.  That includes some ground at Darwin and a field near Marshall.

Thursday we finally got the injection pump back for the little 4WD.  The service manager said there was nothing that wrong with it to keep the tractor from starting.
The Bosch pump uses a non-keyed shaft for the drive gear.  He speculates the gear may have slipped slightly on the shaft, throwing the timing off.  The symptoms sound just like what happened.

No, this isn't my office
My monitor is black, not white.  But it gives an idea of what I need to spend several days doing.

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