Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Almost done with fall tillage

It's sort of been "one of those" days.  That part started yesterday afternoon, actually.  I'm taking a First Responder class (technically now called Emergency Medical Responder).  The schedule wasn't set by a farmer.  It started in early October with classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings ... at 6 PM ... 25 miles away.  I had committed myself to doing it, so I am trying to follow through.  The T/Th schedule is REALLY inconvenient for me.

So anyway, I tell Aman I HAVE to quit rather early.  Like 4:00 - 4:30 early. Pup gets out of school and comes down to drive Aman's tractor while he takes over what I was doing.
Yes, moldboard plowing.

I am getting cleaned up when I hear Pup holler on the radio the tractor seems to be losing power.  We had trouble with crud in the fuel tank last year, so Aman takes his tractor in, grabs a set of fuel filters and heads for Pup's tractor.

Didn't fix it.

So a little after 7 this morning I call Biernbaum's to come look at it.  Eric looked, said "Yep, it's broke"  He said more, but that is the summary.
We decided to tow it out of the field so if it DOES rain we aren't knee deep in mud.
Aman wants this framed for his Dodge friends.
 Eric removes the injector pump and Aman heads for Terre Haute, where Schied Diesel's shop is.

I'm back to moldboard plowing.  When Aman gets back (We said tractor was down in the middle of the field, service manager said they would rush it ... "should be ready first of the week") he hooks the little Soil Saver onto the little Magnum and keeps going.

But the end of the day, when it is all said and done, we have caught up with all but about a day's worth of the fall tillage.

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