Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yield checks

I don't have the bean plot results yet, but we have ran a few yield checks. All were Beck's Hybrids. 

The first field was no-tilled May 7.  628A3 yielded 178.9 at 20.1% and 170.5 at 18.5%. The refuge was 6077RR, which went 188.9 at 15.3% and 176.5 at 15.6.  When you include the sand hill, the gravel ridge, and the creek bottom (Yes, one of THOSE kids of fields) the field average was 108.  Actually better than I feared.
The field across the road was conventionally planted a week later to 5716A3 with 6077RR as a refuge.  The leaves on the 5716A3 were still green!  The 5716A3 went 173.2 at 16.2% and 155.1 at 15.3%  The refuge 6077RR was 175.5 at 14.6%.  We were rained out before we finished.

We did a yield check at Mom's last week ... and the paperwork is somewhere on my desk.  5435 HXR/5435RR went 189  at ... I think it was 17%  It was also the first commercial corn we planted.  I hope the late planted does as well but I have reservations

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