Friday, October 21, 2011

Well --------

I came home from First Responder class ... sorry some bright government official has renamed it Emergency Medical Responder.
Did you ever notice when the government renames something it is never shorter?  They then compensate by using a acronym for it.  I haven't done much serious studying for 35 years.  A 6PM Tuesday/Thursday schedule gets a bit tight.

So I came home from EMR class, sat down with Sue for a bit, who was watching a TV show, and read the mail.   About 12:30 when I woke up I went to the office to catch a little paperwork.

Included in the mail were a couple grain checks for landowners.  The property is owned 50/50 so I had 2 checks to mail to one address.  I copied the checks, wrote a short note explaining what and why, stuck it in an envelope and sealed it, and stapled a copy of the note to copies of the checks for my files.

That was when I noticed the identical checks were for different amounts

To quote Charlie Brown "ARRRGGGGGGG!!!"

Something else to run down tomorrow.  I love bookwork.  I did just about clear my desk this week.  Don't look at the one beside it.

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