Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seed stirring

I was asked about the auger bit we use to stir talc in the seed boxes.  You see, with our corn planter you are supposed to add talc as a seed lubricant.
Precision Planting has come up with a mix of 80% talc, 20% graphite, that works even better.
The purpose is to keep seed flowing evenly to help the planter provide a better stand.  I know, sounds dumb.  The treatments on some seed corn can be sticky, especially if the humidity is a bit high.  Seed lubricants help fight that problem.

To get full benefit you need to thoroughly mix the powder to cover each seed.  This is different than what you did with the old finger meter planters.  Deere's recommendation was just scatter some graphite over the top and plant.  Vacuum meters, especially eSets, benefit from better mixing.

We were at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville a couple years ago and came across a guy selling augers for cordless drills to mix seed.
It does a very good job, although it does drain batteries quickly.

I was talking with someone who wanted to know where we got it.  I have since found it at Gempler's and other places called a Tanaka bulb auger.

Wish I could remember who asked me.

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