Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh this is so cool!

One difficulty we have found with the Kenworth is the bed is so tall you can just barely see in it ... if you stand hanging with your fingernails in the cab door.  We looked at Cab Cam kits  a couple places, but kept talking ourselves out of it.  We stopped at Bristol Hillbilly's (aka Palestine Auto Parts) one day and played with one Steve had on display.  I took a deep breath and said "OK"

Boy am I going to regret this.

Because now we will end up having to get one for the other trucks and one for the combine and if Wifey Dearest realizes how well it works we may have to get one for the Honda.

It worked out very well.  We (OK, Aman did the work while I was spending the day doing bookwork.  I'd MUCH rather have traded him jobs) put one camera on the front of the bed

and one at the rear pointing down at about a 45 degree angle.
That was a really funny incident.  Littlejohn is hauling corn for us, and we decided to make a run or two to Martinsville with the blue truck.  We'd never done it and had the time. We're unloading and the two guys in the photo were just kind of standing there unconcerned ... until one looked up, nudged the other with his elbow and pointed at the camera.  You could see him saying "Oh **** look at that"  What he didn't know is there is a microphone built in the camera as well.  I kind of wished I didn't have the volume turned down.

But like I said, it worked well for what we intended.  You can set in the cab and see how the truck is loading without risking falling by standing on your tip toes to see.

I mentioned it to a neighbor yesterday.  He said "Yeah, I put one on my combine.  Still backed the auger into the wall."

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  1. Auger cart is where we put ours. super handy seeing into the truck when you have a 1000 bu./min auger. Handy to watch traffic also. Havent bought anymore yet but its tempting. You all have a Merry Christmas