Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ever have a week when you didn't accomplish anything and took all week to do it?

My big accomplishment of the week wasn't really farm related.  I completed the Freedom Of Information Act Officer training online from the Illinois Attorney General Office.  I guess it qualifies as an accomplishment.  It should have been completed in June.  I started in June  ... 8th I believe.  First there was an internet glitch, then I got busy and it slipped my mind. all 58 pages of it. But now I am official certified as the FOIA for the West Union Community Fire Protection District and the Walnut Prairie Cemetery.  I had a couple other entities ask if I wanted to be their's as well.  I was even offered 3 times what the cemetery was paying me.  Still amounted to the same money...

Have gone on a couple fire runs this week.  We saved the frame on a caravan
It was fully involved before we arrived.  Same for a house trailer run today.  I saw the smoke on the way to a Birthday party, so I dropped Sue off and went to check out the smoke.  Before I got there we were paged out and told it was mostly burned already.

We are slowly working on a new web site.  In fact, try it out and see if you can gain access.  You are not supposed to be able to.  It is at  Our goal is to set it up so landowner's can enter a password and access information about their property, planting info, yields, grain stored, photos, who knows what might tickle our fancy?  But we want it to be secure, so we are in the testing stage right now.  Right now it is hosted by  I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that.

We've been contemplating selling some less used equipment. 
The 26 ft IH 496 ft disk we bought last year to disk in ruts was purchased with the idea if we didn't need it had some market value
 I've had a for sale sign the big orange wagon for a couple weeks.
  We don't need the little head hauler since a bigger one is coming with the combine
And of course there is the Ford tandem truck we have listed 2-3 places already.
Plus there are some things like the extra rim off the 8440 plus we have some 30.5 32 combine tires off the 2166 last Spring. As well as probably a few other things.  I'm just not sure I want to go through the hassle.

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  1. Mike

    Tried to access your landlord page on your website but was unable to get through. Apparently it is secure.

    I will follow with interest your experience with the 9660 next fall. My son and I acquired a similar unit a couple of years ago. It is a 2006 model with a new 630F and used 893.

    I appreciate the effort you put into both of your blogs even though I don't tend to add many comments.

    Ron Swanson (Ron in Iowa for NAT)