Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's been a good week ...

Setting here Sunday evening with the wind blowing and snow falling and getting colder by the minute ... last week was a pretty good week. Looking back I'm going "Oh, that WAS this week."

We had 2 big accomplishments on the farm this week.  Monday Aman and I bought newer forklift together.  Nice little Toyota 42-5FG25

I don't know what all those numbers mean, but it runs on gasoline or propane, has air tires on it, lifts 4000 pounds and will reach higher than Gramp's shed.  It's probably what I should have bought in the first place when I bought the AC.  So I listed the AC on a couple ag classified sites.

Littlejohn FINALLY got some room Thursday for some corn.  Greg called a little after 7 AM and said "I'll have a truck there in 20 minutes."

I told him that was fine, but they were supposed to let us know a day ahead and it would probably be an hour before we got the tractor set up and ready to go.  They showed up about 10:20.  I just love waiting on trucks.

But we got everything set up and working and were waiting when he got there ... 1 truck and unloading was taking a while because there were lines..  So the next day we loaded out more corn.
By Friday afternoon we were down to the sweep auger.  But we didn't have enough time to clean out the bin before everyone had to be someplace Friday evening.  So I climbed back out and closed up everything and we went home.
Kind of wish now we were able to get it cleaned out.  We for sure won't be loading corn tomorrow. Rod Scott took this on the way home Sunday afternoon.  It's gotten worse now
As I set here I have been listening to the Sheriff's department handling multiple multi-vehicle accidents on I-70.  Dispatch just asked the Sheriff what road conditions were between here and someplace further west.  His response was "Terrible".

Yes, last week was a really good week.

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