Friday, February 12, 2010

National Farm Machinery Show and "The trucking company called..."

Ralph said yesterday the trucking company called.  They had a part to be delivered to ROC for me and wanted to make arrangements for it. Ralph told them it might be best if they contacted Daycab first, because our understanding was the shipment had been lost and a replacement was being FedEx'd in.

"Oh ...OK.  Thank You."

Aman and I spent the day wandering around the 1,200,000 square feet of exhibits at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky today.  I hope to put up a photo of the crowd, but I have to ask their permission first.  I took a couple really exciting photos myself. 
I know, you were hoping for the three drop dead gorgeous young ladies autographing photos at some booth. I only noticed them because I had to negotiate the crowd in front of the booth.
Maybe I am getting old.
I took a couple photos of a wagon to remind me how it was plumbed.
And a couple of how they had the auger attached to the wagon so it swings freely

We talked to Jim@Dawn a little bit.  He was pretty covered over.  Actually it was kind of fun.  I got to demo a couple things about the equipment while I was waiting to talk to him.  We are considering the Curvetine closing wheels for the planter

If soil conditions are a bit wet it would help with better seed to soil contact. Anyway, I'm about worn out. We got there at 9AM and except for when we stopped for lunch were on our feet until about 5.
We looked at several exhibits with various closing wheel configurations, had an interesting talk with the guy from TBS Electronics about HT batteries, and talked with a dealer who had taken a couple grain beds in stock.  So it may have been profitable.

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