Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby's here !

We got Baby home today!   Baby is the new to us Case 9230 I mentioned earlier this year. I was in Ashmore picking up Stirator parts (who needs a hobby when you have a Stirator?" when Stan called and said "It's ready to pick up."  So we dropped down to Casey and drove it home.  With all due respect to my green blooded friends,
it sure felt better to drive a red one than the John Deere we traded in.

Truck update: Sorry, no new photos.  The DayCab kit finally showed up.  Wore out 4 drill bits getting all the old rivets out so the new panel could go in place The kit is installed and looks factory. Ralph removed the let side fuel tank and built a brace to fill in the one brackets so the steps and fairing fit back in place.  The hydraulic tank will drop in the  other two mounts the fuel tank was using and look factory.    All we need is a bed and hoist and it's ready.

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