Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's where ?

I mentioned we were going to get to a stopping point and pause the truck conversion.  In order to get to that point we need a few parts.  Specifically the daycab kit from the Daycab Company ( http://www.daycabs.com/kenworth-aerocab-sleeper-removal-kit.html )  I called and talked with them about what I wanted, they were knowledgeable and helpful.  I called back later and ordered the kit.  They said it would go out tomorrow, maybe today if everything clicked.  I told them to ship it directly to ROC since they were to ones doing the work.  No use handling it twice.  And gave them Ralph's phone number as a shipping contact.

Yesterday I stopped by ROC.  Ralph said "Hey! I got a call from the Daycab folks.  Your parts are in Springfield. Seems someone messed up and sent you parts to a dealership there.  They called to let us know if we got a bunch of the wrong thing to send it back."

He was amused.  I'm glad.  It's kind of frustrating to me.

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