Thursday, February 28, 2013

The end of February already ?

Seems like this month has just flown by.  My head is still in December mode. So what have we been doing? I've been helping out at Wabash Valley.  I think Aman considered it both a blessing and a curse.  I pretty much said "There the shop is, have at it"  But that also meant if it got done he did it.

He's gotten a lot done this winter.  He rebuilt the bean planter,
 rebuilt the Tilloll,
Rebuilt the ripper
Think it needed it? 

and did a lot of smaller jobs.  I called Monday morning checking in.  He said he'd cut down 3 trees for Mom and had 2 to go
Me? I've been working on other folks furnaces
Doing GasChecks
 playing with sheet metal
hooking up generators
Just enjoying seeing new things.
These were in a customer's back yard

It's been an enjoyable winter

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