Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just one sheet ...

We had some really strong winds this week.  We came through OK ... except for one piece of corrugated roofing.
Yes, from right on top of the barn.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure I am up to fixing it.  I went to the Dr about a month ago with a knee problem.  She told me no climbing.  I've been trying to comply as much as possible but there are still a lot of stairs to go up and down.

The weather has not been cooperative for getting up there this week.  Climbing up there is a challenge on a good day.  It's too high for Wabash Valley's scissor lift, and too far in for our bucket truck.  Even a 60 ft JLG would be marginal.  It would at least get you to the upper roof.
And I don't have one of those, either. So I have a call in to the insurance agent right now, to see if we have coverage on the barn.

So how have things been otherwise?
 Does that photo even require an explanation?  1353 is putting coolant in the oil pan.

Oh and Neal fell off a chair and broke his collar bone
But overall I guess it hasn't been that bad a week down on the farm.

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  1. No roof monkey's for hire in your neck of the woods??? At work, we have light monkeys for the lights that need changing, they also get the one's up at the ceiling of the racket ball court!!!