Sunday, August 19, 2012

the past week

I'm bouncing between feeling like I'm just spinning my wheels and no making any progress at all.  I think is normal for late August ... and this year is far from normal.  We are getting more involved in the seed business on both ends of the scale.
Almost all our beans are seed beans this year, and we are trying to build the seed sales business.  That means we need to be planning and getting ready for storing all our beans on farm this year.  "Fortunately" corn should not be a big problem. And we need to be getting with customers and potential customers.  And going to things like the southern Illinois Field Show (last Thursday) and Becknology Days at the plant in Atlanta, Indiana 3 days next week
All this and keeping up with my never improving To Do list and a corn harvest that has already started locally.

My friend Jim is between jobs, so I asked if he'd be interested in doing some handyman jobs for us?  Not necessarily farm work, but things that just need done we aren't getting done.  He's spent a couple days just cleaning up trees and such for Mom.  Trimming, clearing mulberry spouts from under the pine trees, etc.

Thursday we came back from the southern Illinois Field Show to the aftermath of a storm.   Here's the neighbor's field west of my house from the bucket truck
Trees down in West Union, power outages, etc.  So Friday Aman, Jim and I threw the chain saw in the truck, tied on the lawn mower trailer, and proceeded to do a little clean up for a couple ladies at church
We got limbs off a roof, cleaned up down limbs and trees, etc.
Jim wouldn't take any money for helping us. "I ain't taking money for helping people."

Next week I have an eye exam with dialation. I won't be worth anything all day. Becknology Days are the end of the week.  And customers need called on.  Plus my gray water drain I have to get cleaned out. And .. Oh, did I mention Saturday I brought the bucket truck home and did a bit of tree trimming for Sue?
Our oak trees are getting some really bad galls. The one on the west edge of the yard is constantly dropping limbs and galls.  It doesn't have nearly as many to drop now.
So we'll see what next week brings.  I may have to have Jim come help in my yard!

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