Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Can you do me a favor?"
That is usually a loaded question.  Most of the time I know better.  But when your largest landowner asks a favor you rarely say no.
"That car in the barn needs taken (elsewhere). Could you do it for us?"
"Sure, no problem."
Aman and I anticipated a car with 4 flat tires needing log chains, a tractor, and a trailer with  winch. All of which were going to be difficult due to the location. We rolled open the barn doors which had not been open for ... I can't remember them EVER being open. Looked car over. Plates were 7 years old. Tires had air but not much. Generally looked OK
... "You don't think .... ?"
"Not a chance. But why not?"
Put the jumper cables on the battery and while it was charging up used the portable air tank to make the tires round again.

After about the third try the engine fired up and ran.

It ran like it had been setting for several years.  But we didn't even put gas in it!  We washed the dust off and transported the car to its new home.

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