Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The King Corn and Captain Kirk

WOW! Has it really been a couple months since I posted anything here?  I guess I've gotten busy and distracted and then just out of the practice.  I'll have to improve a bit.

So what has been happening? We finished harvest and fall tillage and are deep in to out mid-December "I really oughta's". You know, I ought to work on equipment, catch up the  books, get ready for Christmas, on and on. 

Oh, and I want to welcome any readers of the Christian Standard. Last month there was an article I had some problems with so I wrote a response.  I included the url for the farm website.  When CS published my response online it included a link to here.  So if you read "The King Corn and Captain Kirk" and my reply you may have decided to visit us here..Welcome!

Let's see, needs some pictures.  How about these I took today?

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