Saturday, January 23, 2010

The new to us tractor

Yes, this is our new to us tractor ...
the one we just traded for ...

Actually it is a good thing. This is one of the reasons for buying a tractor locally instead of 2 states away.  When we bought it we knew there was a sensor problem.  The speedometer was giving an error code.  It was agreed it would be fixed before delivery.  They got it in the shop and found a couple oil leaks that needed replaced, so they tore into it to fix the leaks before delivery.

I'm sure if I had bought it in Ohio the leaks would have come with the tractor.

So we are progressing.  The augers are all repaired, waiting on the weather before we reinstall them.  We got to looking at the ones needing repaired.  The long one was OK except for the first foot or two of flighting being damaged.  So we cut it off the same length as the short one.  Fixed that!

Then we proceeded to replace the screw in the other one.  I'd gotten an ebay calls it NOS (New Old Stock) ... auger screw from Robin at Bunker Hill.  We found the tube was rotted out under the motor mount.  And the bearing was bad.  So we thought "Maybe we ought to just replace the whole thing with new."  So we wondered up to Oakland one day and talked to them about it.  No problem! Got one in stock.  $600 and change.  One problem, (well, two if you include the $600) it is a totally different design motor mount.

We came home, talked about it, got a of a couple feet of old auger tube from Dustin, dug a new bearing out of the drawer (it is now the same bearing as a JM rolling basket, a Hagie male cutter wheel, and a Do-All pulverizing wheel), got a new bearing mount at Rural King, and Aman put it all together and squirted some aluminum paint on it.  Did it for about $400 less cash outlay than a new one.

Dad would have liked it ... except he'd have found an old auger someplace to take the screw out of.

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