Friday, June 3, 2011

I guess it's still too wet in that spot ...

Remember my post a couple weeks ago "When the neighbors on two sides have things all planted and my ground is still too wet, am I being to particular?"  Well, we decided since the neighbors on all four sides had been planting maybe we should. Ground was too wet but we hit it with a disk and rolling harrow anyway. Let it dry a couple hours and hit it with the Tilloll and planted it.

Well ... most of it.

Yesterday the dry spreader got stuck in a mud hole (I WARNED them about it). I was disking to day and did something similar 75 feet away from it. I didn't sink so much as I lost traction.
 The Calvary arrived shortly
Only broke 1 log chain pulling me out. Front tractor was going faster than the back tractor and something had to give.

But by 10 PM all 80 acres was planted. Aman said if I had told him this morning how good this field would look tonight he wouldn't have believed me.

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