Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's June! cut wheat, cultivate, plant beans ... all at the same time

Yes, I said cultivate.  I realize some consider that a 4 letter word.

We (OK, Aman) ran through one of the seed fields Tuesday morning.  I think he was convinced I was nuts. The corn was almost to tall to cultivate. The ground was wet enough to pick up on the tractor tires.  The only thing out there were some grassy spots and some little bitty just emerged weeds.  But those weeds were either tea weed or button weed. Yes, there was some damage where the guy driving the planter didn't get the second pass right on top of the first pass.  But I think it was worth it.

Once Aman got started and I got oil back in the irrigator engine and got it moved I went back to the shed to hook up the Bush Hog and mow roads (I think it is one of the things Aman dislikes even more than cultivating).  I looked south and saw ... a combine making dust?  Then I saw another combine head down the road.  So I got the green beast out and cut a sample.  17.1%  I'd looked at RADAR and the weather forecast before leaving the house and expected to be rained out by then.  So I called home and had Sue check for me.


So ... do we cut or wait?

I took the 10 wheelers to the field and by that time Aman was finished.  We ate lunch, came back a little after 1:00 and ... still 17%. Oh, and the elevator management informed us they  couldn't take anything over 16.5%

I decided we should cut wheat, so Aman took off that way, I took the semi to the field and then started getting a bin ready and setting an auger.  I got that done about the time Aman called to tell me 2 trucks were full.  Came back to the field, took the semi to the elevator to check moisture ... and it was 15.8%.  So I dumped in the elevator.

I think we need to do some tweeking on our grain handling.  Staying ahead of this combine in corn is going to be impossible the way we have been doing it.  We cut 50 acres or better by 5 PM when the sky fell.  We had a half inch of rain in about 10 minutes.

Needless to say, I don't expect to cut wheat Wednesday.

But that is OK, because Wednesday we can try and figure out why the semi setting the yard at the shed won't start.  And why the Ford 10 wheeler won't run.  Or we could re-wire the 560 that caught fire and burned all the wiring up. And I have to replace the antenna cable on the GPS unit on the spray tractor.

Job security.

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