Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did you get a release to put that on YouTube?

Ahhhh!  The joys of river bottom farming. Aman got the bean plot planted. We planted as much of the ground the river affected as we could yesterday. Still too wet underneath on about 60 acres. Most of it you could drive the tractor across. But when you raise your implement the weight pushes the wheels through the crust and into the mud. I stuck a shovel in the ground. For 3 inches it was hard, dry dirt. At 6 inches you could squeeze water out of it!

I watched the neighbor come down the road with his 40 ft interplant planter and pull in across the road from me.  I thought "Oh, this won't be pretty". His first pass he made it 2/3 of the way through the field and it sank.  He didn't get stuck, he sank it.
Aman came by about then and talked with him. He seemed in a pretty good mood for having  40 ft of planter and front wheel assist tractor buried to the planter frame.    I told Aman later he should have asked for a release to put the video on YouTube.  He said we should have Mom pop some popcorn and take a couple lawnchairs down to watch.

Funny thing is, they went and got a big tractor with lots of wide tires, pulled it out, and he didn't have any more problems.

It's like I mentioned, I could drive the tractor almost anyplace in the field, but the transport wheels on the implement had so much weight on them they pushed through the crust and sank in the mud. The river was down to 12 feet then bounced up to 14.   It's 12 feet again and supposed to be dropping.  Maybe someday we can plant the rest.  I don't know if we will get done planting or just quit.

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