Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cutting wheat ... quickly and slowly both

We got rolling in wheat this week, then ground to a stop.
We cut one field we know from experience took just about all day with the old combine. Aman pulled in the field at 12:55.  At 4:55 we had the head on the trailer and started to the next field.
We're mostly done.  Everything left is just north of town.  But we had to wait on the neighbors to get theirs cut so we could cross them with the combine and three other little fields are too wet and getting greener.
Corn is growing good, except where there is too much water.  Not too much I can do about it.  You can barely walk across the field right now.

Did some irrigator maintenance, checking tire pressure and gearboxes.  I've got a few tires starting to concern me
The bad part is Gary Bonesteel isn't in the business any more. The last tires we had replaced Gary replaced every tire on a 1300 foot system by himself in a morning and had time for a coffee break and still be back at the shop by noon.

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