Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Baaaaacccckkk ......

Frontier DSL was a very bad thing to say for a couple weeks around here unless you wanted to be scowled at.  I was a bit hard to get along with.  Sue was so tired of hearing about it you REALLY didn't want to mention it around her.  But they have it fixed and working like it should and life is wonderful and the grass is green and the sky is blue.

So after being unable to post for two weeks what do I start with?

I have thoughts and pictures and ideas ... but I'll start with a temptation.  Something I don't need and won't buy, but at times I wish I had a bit more spare money and was willing to spend it.  A guy in SE Iowa has a tractor listed online for sale.  A 1964 IH 806 diesel with clamshell fenders

If you know our family farming history you know Dad's first "big" tractor was just like this.  A neighbor had decided he wasn't able to continue farming and Dad bought the tractor and some other equipment.  I don't know what happened to it.  My guess is it was traded for a 1456, but I really don't know.  And I imagine if I owned one I would be a lot less sentimental.  But it's kind of like Ivan's M
 or Gramp's 560
 I just kind of wish I had it.  Not quite the same because I really doubt it is The One.  Now if I could find the right 806 and could prove it I'd be a lot more interested.

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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't mind finding my dad's Super M-TA. I think I know where it is, but they may have sold it off by now.