Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's been a ride so far ...

I realized it has been a couple weeks since I posted anything.  What can you do in a couple weeks?You can replace your cell phone because the old one has gotten flaky.  You can finish spraying.

You can enjoy 100 degree days

You can spend a week in VBS. 

Actually you can do the 100 degree thing while doing the others.  You can work down horseweeds taller than the hood of the tractor contract planting wildlife food plots

Talk about bringing back memories of river bottom farming!

And let's not forget irrigators and mowing roads and getting the yard ready for a church fishing tournament / cookout.  Actually, we're kind of waiting to to survey the situation this morning on that one.  We had nearly 3 inches of rain last night and I'm not sure what the pond and back yard will look like by tomorrow.  I have a feeling my plans to burn the brush pile for a weiner roast are going to need changed.  I still have one irrigator running because it is going to require the 4WD Mule to get to it 
 and I chose not to do that in the rain and in the dark with lightning popping all around

Oh, and the big happening since last time is the passing of Aunt Jean.

Yeah, we will be feeling that for a long time.  Even though she has not been an active part of the farm a long time she was and always will be a part of it

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