Saturday, May 28, 2011

"So what ya been doin' ?"

Some questions you don't want to answer.  I guess our biggest accomplishment this week was helping some folks who couldn't help themselves.  That wouldn't be a bad epitaph : "He helped people who couldn't help themselves".  As I discussed on my personal blog ( I got a call Thursday morning:
"I'm up here at (oldest couple in church)'s house.  They really have a mess.  Could you bring up your bucket truck?"
What am I going to do, say no?

Friday morning Aman and I are, well, to be honest we are finishing up from Thursday.  The last load of limbs we decided not to unload in the rain.  We ran the truck in the shed and closed the door and unloaded them on Mom's brush pile Friday morning.  Phone rings, it was Mom:
"I'm over here at the cemetery.  We need the loader and your truck.  A tree limb blew off and hit some stones."
Actually, it wasn't a limb.  The top blew out of a cedar tree.
It came from the tree on the left in the photo.   The piece on the left hit the ground, dug a small trench, then blew another 20-30 feet

 This was the big piece.
 We had to cut it up in smaller pieces to get if off the stone.  Fortunately, just as we were getting started Brian, Tom, and ... I forget Brian's son's name ...  showed up to help.  We piled it on the flatbed and Art's old trailer and took it to Mom's brush pile.

Since we were building Mom's brush pile so well I added to it later in the afternoon.
 OK, maybe this shows it a bit better. It's been a long time since there were no trees between West Union and the York cemetery road. 
If you look closely you can see the tree being hauled up the road to Mom's. I hated to see it go, but I heard "You ought to get rid of that tree" enough I decided to do it. 

This week I also sold something we weren't using.  Aman's cousin and I had been negotiating for months over the 496 disk. We didn't use it enough to have it around, and it got to the place we needed the shed space more than we needed thew disk. I told him if the Ford would handle it we'd deliver it, otherwise he'd have to come after it  So it went for a drive.
That's pretty much our week.  Oh, other than trying to fix our planter hydraulic problem.
 Kelly from Casey JD spent 3 days not fixing it and telling us it was the tractor hydraulic pump. Farm Pride came down and checked it "Well ... it's a little low but I can't believe it won't do it". But on JD's recommendation we took the tractor to Farm Pride and had the hydraulic pump replaced.  $4400 later we brought it home, hooked it up, same problem.

I think the Service Manager knew I was irritated when I called.

JD at Ashmore came down and Terry spent most of a day working on it.  A  lot of that time was proving an assumption.  The assumption is all the parts and pieces are correct. We checked cylinders and plumbing and hose routing.  A lot of part numbers didn't match the serial number of the planter.  Terry thinks he has it narrowed down and will be here Saturday morning to rebuild a couple flow dividers.

Speaking of Terry, I better get going and meet him in a bit.  Later Ya'll

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