Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I hate waiting for service people.  Maybe it's something inherited from Dad. Maybe it's from doing service work for several years.  But I was taught if you are expected someplace and find you will be late to call.  That's why I found it a little irritating to be waiting for the internet guy.  35 minutes after he was supposed to be there he called.  "I'm at 2200 north and 1400 east..."

I said "What?  You went through Marshall?"

"I don't remember going through Marshall."

We talked a little when I realized he was still in Crawford County.  He made it, changed out some equipment, and got Mom back online.

After lunch I had to run a couple errands, then I took the steering pump off the 966 and Sue and I took it to Farm Pride.

I really did more than it sounds. 

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