Monday, April 11, 2011

The opportunities are endless ...

I'm setting here at 5:30 trying to decide which opportunity to pursue today.  I've been awake since about 4 when thunder woke me up and I decided to get up and unplug the computers.  I went back to bed for a while but wasn't resting so I go up.  To answer your question, I have the DSL modem plugged in by itself and am using the laptop via wireless.

After my conversation with Syngenta Jeff Friday I decided I needed to figure out a way to put a Kinze unit on the planter as a 13th row.
We can rob one of the toolbar or use the one I bought at the Paris Young Farmer's sale.  So Saturday morning started in.  My first idea was just use the bracket for the IH unit. and make new tabs to bolt to.
Great plan, except the IH unit is ground driven.  The drive shaft is directly behind the mount in that picture.  Plan B was mount the IH bracket under the planter frame and bole the 7x7 tube that came with the Kinze unit to it.  Great idea if we cut the mounts off for the markers.

 Yes, that is the planter serial number tag attached to that bracket.
So now we are to plan C. I'm going to see if ROC can make a heavy plate to weld to the 7x7 tube to bolt to the planter frame and then bolt the Kinze unit to the 7x7 tube.  But that will have to be Ralph because I haven't got the material to make it from or the torch to cut something that thick.

Next project.

I need to decide which tractor to put the sprayer on and get it installed.  I was going to use the 3010, but have 2 problems.  First, I'm not sure it has the power to pull the sprayer loaded. Second, I was playing with the 3010 Saturday afternoon and when you crank the engine sometimes something goes clank.  I'm not a John Deere mechanic but that doesn't sound right.  So I rolled it under the shed roof and told Aman we had a project tractor for him now. Since we aren't going to use it to plant male rows I guess we need to put the 7120 Magnum on the sprayer.  But first we have to get the planter put together and out of the way.  It is parked in front of the sprayer.

I got the dirt fender bracket fixed for the Tillol ... but the assembly weighs too much and is too awkward to handle to do it by myself.

The 966 is torn down in the corner waiting for the steering motor, which I removed and took out to Farm Pride for repair.    And I have crop insurance paperwork due this week, plus NFIRS reporting for the Fire Dept and tax withholding payments.

I found a dealer in Dyersburg, TN who has the closing system attachments I want.

Dyersburg ... go to Arkansas and turn left.  It will take a long day to go there and come back.  And  farmer at Renssalaer, Indiana had a set of seed box holders s like I've been thinking about.
 Again, a full day trip.

On the other hand, after last night's rain I'd say we are out of the field until Thursday at the earliest.  And Aman is back so something might get done.  And the lightning seems to have went away so I can turn things on again.  Later Y'all

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