Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another rainy Monday

My plans for Monday were to get the 9270 out, hook on to the disk, and dig up Nash.  Well ... that was the plan Saturday afternoon.  After Sunday night and Monday morning I probably won't do that this week.  That pretty much describes my Monday accomplishments.

After doing a couple  things in the office I went to Darwin and picked up Cynthia, then went to Mom's.  I think she enjoyed the company a lot more than setting on the porch watching it rain, but she really wanted to be close to me. I put together a sign I was working on for the Silver Moon field.  Someone has been crossing the wheat field on a 4 wheeler.  I finished it when Paul called wanting to look at Blue.  So I took Cynthia home, talked to Bill at Bunker Hill a minute, then went to West Union.

Paul looked it over, drive it, and decided he wanted it.  That was kind of bitter sweet.  I needed to get rid of that pickup, I don't need this many setting around.  But it was a good old truck that just did whatever I asked it to.  I hope it does well for Paul.  I get this uncomfortable feeling selling vehicles to people I know.

My early afternoon was spent with insurance again.  We got the new policy in the mail and I had to go over it and make sure everything was as we understood it ... like you really understand insurance.  There were a couple things needing clarified, so it took a couple phone calls.

I discussed the 3010 not going into reverse like it should on AgTalk (http://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=225158) I decided to check it out.
I did find one place the linkage was worn
and a couple places it was a bit sloppy, but nothing I wanted to tackle where it sat.  So I decided to replace the steering wheel.  I bought a new one on ebay.  Someone gave me a center cap they found laying on the ground after Shannon's sale where it had been lost.  Great idea ... but it will involve heating the nut to get it loose.

A guy online has a couple seed box holders for sale on the AgTalk classifeds (http://agtalkplus.com/?q=node/144440).

I called him and asked about them.  He said "Didn't I talk to yo a couple weeks ago.?"   Ummm... maybe ?

I took the broken bracket off the Tilloll dirt fender and took it to the shop.  Made a repair part ... except it needs a hole drilled in spring steel. I probably ruined my new bit before I realized the problem.  I'm going to see if Ralph can punch it for me.

So I decided to pull the steering motor on the 966 to get it repaired.  First step, remove steering wheel.  Yes, another steering wheel.  The nut came off easily.  Never did get the wheel off.  I pondered on this and decided to look in our I&T shop manual. I looked in the cabinets, in the safe, in Dad's office ... I never did find out I&T shop manual.

That is pretty much how my Monday went.  Tuesday starts out waiting for a computer tech for Mom's internet.

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